Tuna Fest 2011 Castafari Tournament Series

Results 2011 through 2017


1st Place: Sparhawk - Capt. Joe Ferrulle

2nd Place: Rainmaker - Capt. Ari Haseotes

3rd Place: Omono - Capt. Jim Miller

Biggest Fish: Rainmaker, 335 lb.


1st Place: We're Hooked - Capt. Homer Ray

2nd Place: 3 Gil's - Capt. Paul Donovan

3rd Place: Simon Sez - Capt. Kevin Simon

Biggest Fish: Simon Sez, 217 lbs.


1st Place: Trashy Thoughts, 28 fish

2nd Place: Nava, 18 Fish

3rd Place: Vixen, 18 Fish

Biggest Fish: We're Hooked, 162 lbs.


Tournament Winners

1st Place: Something's Fishy (Capt. Eric Stewart)

2nd Place: Simon Sez (Capt. Kevin Simon)

3rd Place: Bushwacker (Capt. Shawn Delude)

Biggest Fish: Rainmaker (Capt. Ari Haseotes)

Charity Cup Winners

1st Place: Simon Sez (Capt. Kevin Simon)

2nd Place: Dream (Capt. Phil Moore)

3rd Place: All Risk (Capt. Newton Johnson)

Biggest Fish: Rainmaker (Capt. Ari Haseotes)

Hyannis Tunafest Overall Catches

Something's Fishy     20 Fish
Simon Sez20 Fish
Bushwacker13 Fish
Dream12 Fish
Ramblin Rose9 Fish
All Risk8 Fish
Stress Test8 Fish
Mulberry Canyon7 Fish
We're Hooked7 Fish
Boomerang6 Fish
Record Seaker6 Fish
Seas The Day5 Fish
Nava3 Fish
Surf Dog2 Fish
Vixen1 Fish
Judy B1 Fish
Barbaric1 Fish
Active Inertia1 Fish
Angelina Marie1 Fish
Rainmaker1 Fish
Bolshevik 1 fish
Rainmaker125 lbs.
Dream118 lbs.
All Risk105 lbs.
Angelina Marie     93 lbs.
Active Inertia87 lbs.
Stress Test86 lbs.
All Risk82 lbs.
Dream81 lbs.
Stress Test80 lbs.
Nava77 lbs.
Simon Sez76 lbs.
Rablin Rose67 lbs.
Simon Sez67 lbs.
Ramblin Rose62 lbs.
Bushwacker55 lbs.
Vixen54 lbs.

Also, hats off to the captains and crews of the Angelina Marie and Ramblin Rose for placing in the calcuttas!


1st Place: Goin In Deep (Capt. Walter Harmstead)

2nd Place: Jig-A-Byte (Capt. Mark Rando)

3rd Place: Barbaric (Capt. Greg Desantis)

Biggest Fish: Judy B (Capt. Fred Blount)

Junior Angler Award: Tucker Carmicheal

Charity Cup: Goin In Deep(Capt. Walter Harmstead)


1st Place: J Seas (Capt. Jim Obrien)

2nd Place: Ellie J (Capt. Bill Murphy

3rd Place: Woozy (Capt. Joey Manasala

Biggest Fish: Waveguide (Capt. Rob Carmicheal)

Charity Cup : J Seas (Capt. Jim Obrien)


1st Place - Ellie J (Capt. Bill Murphy)

2nd Place - Waveguide (Capt. Rob Carmicheal)

3rd Place - Mulberry Canyon (Capt. John Galvin)

Biggest Fish - ET (Capt. Bryan Ewing)

Charity Cup: Waveguide (Capt. Rob Carmicheal)